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Web Development

Does your business need a website? Talk to us about how we can develop and deploy a new SEO-friendly website to get your business known!


When you need a birds-eye view our drones are standing by for action. Ready for takeoff.

IBRAMENU - Automation

The tool that does it all. Install, manage and deploy various self-hosted applications all with a single tool.


Our YouTube channel has 20,000+ subscribers who want easy-to-follow and detailed guides on various apps or systems. Subscribe today!

Web Hosting

Looking for a home for your website? Need a VM, apps or product hosted? We offer distinct cloud hosting services in our data centre, backups included!

Servers & Virtualization

With experience in Hyper-V, Proxmox, VMware and more - we set up and deploy servers to meet your needs.


Connect with fellow members in our Discord of over 5,000+ like-minded individuals.

IBRADOCS - Documentation

We write thorough and detailed guides often accompanied by a video to teach how to install or manage apps and systems.

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