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By Sycotix
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My name is Ramy.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support with IBRACORP and our vision of empowering others to learn more in the world of technology.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed using our services to date, from the humble beginnings of IBRAFLIX right through to our YouTube channel.

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash

All the work that has been put in to achieve a dynamic and positive platform for people to come together (while being apart) has culminated to our current state. Especially during a once in a lifetime medical catastrophe that plagued the world. We really learned to appreciate the technology that helped us through it.‌


So, here is a (very) brief timeline of our journey so far.

  1. Started as IBRAFLIX (2018) – Our flagship media content and streaming service. Free and by invitation only.
  2. Closed Membership (2019) – IBRAFLIX became a private service for existing members only.
  3. Project Stellar (2020 - Ongoing) – After years of preparation, IBRACORP was finally born.
    • We implemented a fully managed membership system.
    • Existing members were given Premiere status for their support.
    • Delivered our vision of showing off the best open-source products out there in the world.
    • Members had a single sign to the various services we offer.
    • Applications were opened to intake new members.
    • January 2021 - Our YouTube channel goes live
    • February 2021 – Applications for IBRAHUB closed for intake.

Many trials and tribulations along the way too, of course. But we won’t get bogged down into those details today!

Our Future

You might ask, where to from here?


In complete honesty, I am going to be father for the first time later this year. To twin boys, no less!

I think it’s time to try and continue my work at IBRACORP, still on a free basis, but offer paid options to those that are interested in my work or assistance.

This way I can continue doing what I love and feel good about helping others while trying to supplement income. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with that?

Our Vision

Allow me to explain the new and improved structure:

  1. The branch of IBRACORP which facilitates services such as Jellyfin, reQuest, Tautulli, Nextcloud etc. is now known as IBRAHUB and is available at Members can continue to use these services without change or charge.
  2. Our domain is now our Homepage (powered by Ghost) and:
    • Our Blog, Newsletter and News page.
    • Members sign up to receive technology support and consultancy
    • Exclusive member videos.
    • Sign up is completely FREE. Get the latest articles and videos straight to your inbox. I don’t spam – no BS. Guaranteed.
    • Paid options will include a monthly or yearly option. What will be offered on paid options is still being put together.
    • Paid options are donating to the work we do and the services we host. Running a server 24/7 costs money, and we have never asked members to pay for access.
    • Going forward, anything requiring a membership will start at our homepage.
    • Our YouTube videos will hit this page first before going public on YouTube.

We have created an image to make it easier to understand the layout of IBRACORP as it stands today.

Help Us

If you have read everything above and you are still with us – thank you!

If you can give us five minutes of your day, please:

Head over to our membership page and sign up!

This gives us an idea how many people are interested and allows us to get our content and changes to you on a new and beautiful platform.

For existing IBRACORP members: Please try and use the same email address used when we created your IBRAEYE credentials. This way we can try facilitating single sign on in future.

Thank you,

Ramy (a.k.a Sycotix)

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