Cloudflare: How to Set up Cloudflare (Argo) Tunnel FREE on Unraid

6 days ago   •   1 min read

By Sycotix

Put your Unraid Admin hat on, this one is for the security conscious who want to stop having to open ports or prevent those annoying hackers on your HTTP and HTTPS ports - FREE.

Tired of ISP's snooping on you? Blocked access to ports 80 and 443? Double NAT? Want to hide your IP address at all times?

There’s a simpler and more secure way to protect your applications and web servers from direct attacks: Cloudflare Tunnel.

Here's just some of the benefits of getting up and running on your server:

- Portability of not being stuck in a single IP - Cloudflare CDN - No ports open (increased security)

- No need for Dynamic DNS set-up - Improved latency as it uses Cloudflare smart routing avoiding congested areas of the internet

- Signed SSL at each stage of the process for additional security - Less likely to get a man in the middle attack (MITM)

- All the added benefits of Cloudflare (DDOS protection, malware protection, etc.).

- Bypass double NAT issues hosting your own applications publicly

- Bypass ISP blocking WAN port 443 & 80 - Impossible to find the origin of the server, no IP is ever shared publicly

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